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Get to know about Ubumwe Community Center

Our Mission & Vision

Ubumwe Community Center (UCC) is a non-governmental local organisation founded in 2005 with a registration No 70/RGB/NGO/2016. We are located in Mbugangari Cell, Gisenyi Sector, Rubavu District, in the Western Province of Rwanda.

  • Mission

    To create a supportive environment for persons with disabilities which enhances knowledge, skills, engagement and independence through inclusive education, rehabilitation, community outreach and partnerships with government and other relevant organizations.

  • Vision

    To build a society where social inclusion, empowerment, and equal rights of persons with disabilities are guaranteed. Our approach to promoting the well-being of our members will serve as a model of removing barriers in society based on our belief that disability is not inability.

  • Goals

    • To improve access to inclusive education, health and livelihood opportunities for persons with disability.

    • To establish UCC branches across the country to reach out and provide support to people with disabilities in the community.

    • To transform disabilities into abilities by training community members in income-generating activities, and fostering self-reliance among community members.

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