Fifth Third Curiosity article: The Awakening, 2015

For people confronted with sudden, severe, and completely unexpected disabilities, there are two operative questions: What can I do? What can’t I do?

When you’ve lost both your hands to the machete-wielding rebels who hijacked your bus because you refused their demand that you kill your fellow passengers, you could certainly be forgiven for focusing on the latter. But when you consider the alternative — they killed everyone else on the bus, anyway — perhaps you look instead for the reasons why you survived, and what you can accomplish in the world now that you have... Read More

From Conversation to Conservation

“When I looked into the eyes of the poacher, I realized for the first time that he was not the enemy.”

Those are astounding words coming from a wildlife conservationist. But then, Charlene Jendry isn’t your ordinary gorilla keeper. As cofounder of Partners in Conservation, an organization run by the Columbus Zoo, she’s in charge of devising and implementing some of the most ingenious animal-protection programs in the world, far from Central Ohio. Jendry and PIC, as the organization is known, do the lion’s share of their work in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as Zaire), in conjunction with local governments. Jendry spends months there each year, applying the zoo’s guiding philosophy in practical ways: To help wildlife, you must help the people who share their space.Read More

Frederick at TedXColumbus, 2012

In 2003, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium arranged for Ubumwe Community Center co-founder, Frederick Ndabaramiye, to come to Columbus, Ohio to receive prosthetic arms. ABC’s Prime Time documented the visit. In 2012, Frederick returned to speak about that journey, as well as the devastating details of being a victim of cultural hatred and genocide at TEDxColumbus.
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