SANO Bumuntu : 8 Years

A Short Background

P1 - Primary One

SANO Bumuntu, is a child who was found on street in February 2021, his year of birth is not well known but he looks like an 8 year old boy. From the time he was brought at the center till today he presents some mild signs of autism (poor social communication, some rigid and repetitive behaviors, and lastly difficult to change his interest. We have given him a shelter at the center as we are still searching for his family; he is from no where even the name he has is the one we have provided. We are trying to find a foster family for him. Sano is happy to be in class and is a clever boy and he learns quickly but teaching him requires someone who understand special needs education.
Music dance, jogging
School materials and school fees, some books of sign language,basic needs support

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